Best 3 apps with real Russian chat

Why chat apps are popular in Russia

It may seem that real Russian beauties can be met only somewhere far away, on Moscow streets, far from such intermediaries as dating agencies and fraudulent site owners.

But it’s not true, Russia grew very technically developed lately and very cosmopolitan, too. There is Internet in every house, almost each apartment, and certainly in each cafe or a restaurant.

Dating app became a part of Russian girls’ decades ago, and today it’s just a normal routine to check their smart phones every thirty minutes in order to reply to some message.

Plus to the applications that are used worldwide and are focused on thumbing up someone’s photo instead of profound talks, like Tinder and Badoo, there are real chat apps popular in Russia.

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No. 3 chat app. LovePlanet

This romantic and useful application is present literally on each person’s phone. People trust it, and the number of user is constantly growing. There are lots of single beautiful Russian girls.

Some of them are focused on local dating, but the majority of them speaks some English and doesn’t mind chatting with a foreigner, as well as meeting him in person and going forward.

Chatting on LovePlanet is possible for free, if both users liked each other. Use this trick and you’ll chat freely, just press the heart symbol on a girl’s profile and wait. Otherwise, you must pay.

No. 2 chat app. Mamba

If you’re into Russian dating at least for several years, you have probably heard of Mamba. It’s really massive and famous. But, it’s also associated with the low quality girls and scammers.

It always makes sense to be extra careful on free dating apps, because there’s zero pre-selection, almost zero administrating or filtering. It’s up to you whether you will be safe there or not.

It concerns Mamba as well. One can chat with Russian girls there completely for free, but he should always pay his attention on their profiles, behaviour, and other signalling signs.

No. 1 chat app. Brilic

Finally, it’s an app without the disadvantages listed above, although only its trial period is free. Basically, this period is enough to find a genuine Russian girl and exchange direct contacts.

Brilic has nothing in common with all those cheap sites where girls are either interested in local guys only or in foreigners’ money. They chat to sincerely flirt, and to meet in person.

Men users of Brilic admit the outstanding quality of Russian women there. How so? How can only model-looking and well-educated girls join the app without a third person’s pre-selection?

It’s easy, they are attracted by the high level of this platform which is considered to be elite. It is trendy, fresh, stylish, unique, innovative, and it charges quite a lot, gathering successful men.


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Why chatting on elite dating apps is the best

It may surprise you, but not all girls who join elite dating apps and sites, are so-called sugar babies. There are many independent women who just don’t want to get traumatized by losers:

·      It’s traumatic to fall in love and learn he cannot even afford the tickets to visit.

·      It’s traumatic to tell all family about him but he cannot join a family having no money.

·      It’s traumatic to plan a romantic trip together and then he’ll ask a woman to pay.

·      It’s traumatic to get pregnant but he won’t be able to provide a baby or a baby’s mom.

There are more examples, but you get the point. It’s not that Russian women are greedy, they are amazing survivors whose parents went through the communistic regime and much more.

With such a tough childhood or even recent years, they have to be practical and to make a healthy forecast for nearest future. Getting involved with a poor foreigner is the same as dating locally.

If the purpose of the app and the meeting isn’t marital, but it’s about hooking up, then girls still want someone who can pay at the nightclub at least for himself. It’s natural.

For pickupers who want to find Russian girls for sex easily and cheaply, dating experts advice to make only one financial effort: pay for the elite dating app subscription. It brings good harvest!

Girls keep on thinking you’re successful when you meet, and show a much more welcoming attitude than if you had found each other on a free dating app. It’s a psychology!..


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Which topics to discuss with a Russian girl in a chat?

Single western men who practice international dating, divide into two main categories: those ones who think Russian mentality is something very difficult, and those ones who don’t care.

Both categories are risking to lose, because they don’t want to show commitment and learn about a girl’s culture. But you aren’t testing a new equipment without a manual, right?

So here is a manual to Russian girls’ mentality. Take into account these simple rules, and your communication with a sexy beauty will be much more fruitful and fully satisfying.

·      They are never straightforward about sex unless they are professional escort girls.

·      They like being complimented, but not for the body parts, it is considered rude.

·      They like being asked how their parents or kids are doing, and to answer in detail.

·      They do not like to start a conversation with a simple Hi or even worse, without it.

·      They typically do not like to discuss your ex-girlfriends or their ex-husbands.

·      Romance, romance and romance on the beginning, do not talk the sex shops items.

·      They don’t like extreme perversions, if you have some, call them erotic fantasies.

·      They don’t like being preferred just because of their age group or a hair colour.

·      Even if you both meet for sex, they keep on hoping for a beautiful future together.

This last point is crucial, it’s a key to Russian women’s psychology. They can never change that about themselves. That’s why there’s still no feminism in Russia, and no real sex-positivism.

They’re more open-minded than decades ago, yes, but there is Cinderella living in each of them, no matter how bold they pretend to be in matters of experiments and intimacy.

One can collect a big harvest of sexy girls if he takes this into account. We aren’t recommending to give false promises or tell lies, of course, but there should be some wisdom.

Show her you have nothing to hide, send her pictures of your house, garden, your dogs and nephews. You aren’t commenting that, but she starts to feel like she’s a part of your life.

Tell her about your favourite travel destinations, and she’ll start dreaming to go there with you. Tell her about your mother, your weekend dinners together, and such stuff.

All that creates an impression you’re going to share such moments with a girl when the time comes. It makes her much more open towards sex and experimenting in a bed when you visit.

real chat apps popular in Russia.

It’s already well-checked, and it really works. So be wise with Russian women, and your experiences in Russia will be much brighter than they could be if you’re ignorant and passive.

Success stories do not happen by themselves; people create these scenarios with the help of proper attitude, strategies, and actions, that bring them lots of luck and a positive outcome.