HookUp Russian women the way you dreamed of

Why a blonde Russian lover is the best?

Russian girls are extremely famous worldwide for their classically feminine and sexy appearance. Quite often, they have blonde hair and delicate face features.

For sure, it cannot be said so confidently in our era of dyed hair, but historically, Russians and especially Finno-Ugric people on the North of Russia tend to be blonde-haired.

This type of appearance, in a combination with a mild and feminine character most of the Russian women have, literally makes men’s hearts melt. It’s such a rarity in other parts of the world.

In addition, Russian girls wouldn’t be Russian girls without one important trait: they are extremely classy and "chic”. Oh not all of them, but there is a tendency too.

And what do men feel when a girl is blonde, girly, and classy? Right, they go crazy. The scientific research confirmed that men feel more manly next to such females as they seem so helpless.

Helpless, because they are in a keen need of a man’s help, and treasured, because it’s also a source of pleasure that won’t reject a man due to her mild nature. What a killing combination!

Dark-haired women with the sculptured and boned face features are subconsciously perceived rather as predators and competitors so the general feeling and a type of excitement are very different.

Moreover, a blonde woman is perceived as more youthful at any age. That’s why every blonde Russian girl is potentially a desirable prize for a man, and Russian dating agencies know this.

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How to seduce the sexiest Russian girl?

It remains an actual question even today when so many couples are already formed and vacation affairs in Russia take place so often. Western men still want to know how to pickup Russian girls?

But just a few people realize it depends on the girl herself, on her personality, background, level of education, her purposes of meeting you. Here are the categories easier to seduce:

·      If she has less class in her appearance and style of clothes, i.e. shorter fingers, wider waist, wears cheap jeans, etc., she’ll more likely respond andagree to hookup.

·      There are plenty of Russian girls who were raised by one parent or in the orphanage, so their family values are weaker plus they need at least a temporary sponsor.

·      At the same time, better educated girls who studied abroad and speak good English, are usually more open-minded and may seek casual affairs not obligatory marriage.

·      Single mothers make at least the half of the database on each dating app and site. All they want is some relax from their duties and some help in their basic expenses.

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About single mothers, more information should be given. In the US, UK, and Australia, this category is often considered the most scary. These women seem to turn you into their child’s slave.

It’s totally different in Russia though. Children there aren’t spoiled at all. Both boys and girls are helping with the domesticity since their youngest years, and sometimes help to earn some money.

Mothers aren’t protected by a local law at all, often do not receive any alimonies, and work on several jobs. In some families they are partially provided by a kid’s grandparents.

In any case, they aren’t expecting much from a new man, and are completely happy with a box of Lego or a pair of Christmas socks for their kid. It’s nothing like western women who act like sharks.

So it really makes sense to pay your attention on young pretty single moms in Russia as potential lovers, just like it happens in the Philippines where women become mothers very early.

However, the classical category for hooking up is nightclubs girls who can be young or mature, low-class or very classy, non-educated or with several degrees, but all of them are horny.

Do not waste this time-proven opportunity and find your perfect hookup woman in Russia at some fancy nightclub where foreigners are greatly welcomed, in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Use a simple strategy such as buying her drinks or complimenting her appearance. When at nightclubs, you don’t need any special behaviour that would make you a favourite, just be one!

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How to compete with local Russian men?

No wonder that Russian men are spoiled with a huge choice of beauties everywhere: at work, at University, in a neighbourhood etc. They start to misbehave, and to have several affairs at once.

It’s impossible to appreciate them all even if they were exceptional gentlemen (and they rarely are). Honestly, foreign men are starting to be a bit spoiled too: the choice is so big.

Makes too hard to concentrate on one girl only Pictures of Russian women are simply breathtaking. No other word could describe one’s impressions so precisely.

How to actually choose anyone if all of them are so stunning? There are certain methods to do that, and dating experts are gladly sharing them with single western men who are interested.

·      Make the pre-selection. It means, filter the girls who seem to have fake profiles, who write too short and naughty messages, or who make too obvious hints that they need the gifts and money. Those can be just bots or scammers.

·      Use the physiognomy. It’s a psychological analysis of the faces. It’s better for you if she has a naive expression of the face than a bitchy expression. Now you know that, so get some cute blonde lambs.

·      Then focus! Don’t write only once to hundreds of girls. Instead, develop a meaningful correspondence with just two or three of them. Ask them about everything, from their background to their dreams in life, and decide whether it suits you. The one or two girls who’ll agree to go on a date with you shall become your eventual choice. Don’t get upset if it doesn’t work from the first time, and go on with this scheme. It’s always more effective to focus than to mess around.

how to pickup Russian girls

Life is more various and unpredictable than our primitive instincts, especially nowadays, and especially in big cities like Moscow. It is natural Russian women are very different too.

Modern blonde women can be more bitchy, materialistic, or cruel than brunettes, so it’s just a silly stereotype. So how to navigate among the beauties with an unknown mentality and customs?

Only two pieces of advice: be yourself; and use the tool named "frank conversation”. It helps a lot. Long substantial letters are beneficial for you as they will differ you from dozens of others.

If your blonde or chestnut Russian girl avoids profound and straightforward talks, you should either find out the reason or move on to another lady. Luckily, there are many.

Just remember that being frank and meticulous is the key to success. Now you won’t be struck by the beauty of Russian stunners as you already know how exactly to act and how to win them over.