Russian women vs Czech women: who’s a better girlfriend?

Prague and Moscow girls physical appearance

Czech girls are simply stunning. They can easily be called perfect, since they’re tall, slim, with beautiful features, mostly long hair, and they love to dress in a feminine manner.  

But who said you won’t find that in Russia? So many women are naturally beautiful and in great shape, plus, daily exercising is very typical for Moscow and St. Petersburg girls.

Czech andRussian beauties know how to take care of themselves, they’re tidy, fashionable, love trying new styles, and always have manicure. It makes them very well-groomed.  

Czech women aren’t too shy or introverted, they know how to express themselves. They often have various hobbies, and develop their skills to the maximum. And so Russian girls do.

Prague girls can be called very modern, because they like sharing the bill and owing nothing to each other, but to a reasonable degree. They are never extreme feminists.  

In comparison with them, Russian women aren’t so easy to get rid off. They always hope you’ll change your mind, especially if they used to like you back and/or to put a lot of hopes on you.

Almost all of Czech ladies had a professional modelling experience at least once. For young ladies, it’s a kind of training of their self-confidence and refined elegance. But they rarely use makeup.  

On another hand, Russian girls adore having makeup on their face, by their own confession, they feel undressed without it. But, modern women learned how to make it look natural and light.


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How do they behave on the first date?

Czech chicks are as easy to be with as if you were with your best friend. You feel it’s ok to tell them anything. Russian women are a bit more reserved and may behave like cold queens.

But this effect is illusionary, they may just have Baltic origin that affects their character and attitude, that’s all. Russian women’s coldness is melting very quickly, and turns to a warm smile.  

At the same time, always care to remain yourself and do not promise them stars from the sky. It especially concerns Czech women who are realistic and prefer natural behaviour.

If Russian women used to serve their partners and big families for centuries, and it seems to never change in future, Czech girls are different. They want everyone to breathe freely.

However, be careful: these principles concern sex as well. It means, you shouldn’t push or pressure Czech women in any way. Even if they jump on you immediately, it should be their choice.  

Although Czech girls seem to be your best friends, do not take advantage on them, because they’d feel that right away. They are cheerful, yet intuitive and deep-thinkers.  

While Russian women, after a closer acquaintance, appear to be down-to-earth, hard-working, humble, respecting their man, and basically being focused on a traditional family life.


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What do they expect from you?

In Prague, you can do what you want on one condition only: your Czech girlfriend likes it too. Complicated? No, it’s very easy to follow this rule and enjoy each other’s companionship!

It’s interesting but both Russians and Czech are considered very humorous people. You can make their hearts melt with a proper joke. We’re sure you will use this way to conquer them!

It’s rather relieving to know you can go out with Czech beauties as casual as it could be. Make sure the clothes is fresh and neat though, and the shoes or sneakers are clean.

Czech women don’t expect you to invite them to fancy places all the time. Moreover, they don’t want to sit and talk all the time. There are more fun and dynamic things to do, including sports.

You two will rather go to the nearest bar in between other activities, to recharge your batteries, make jokes, and enjoy the change of atmosphere. It can be the simplest place.

But it’s totally the opposite in Russia. If a girl takes you to the bar, it means she’s a low class and not very educated. All middle-class women with good manners prefer very trendy places.

There is a saying in Russia, a person is welcomed accordingly to his suit. And they do follow this rule. They won’t treat you nicely if you have too cheap or too casual clothes on you.

Czech girls confess they are trying to help their man relax, first of all. They are great listeners and seem to appreciate everything you are ever saying, without blind admiring or flattering you.

But when both are relaxed and there is time to exchange roles, they hope you won’t hover as well. Let her be herself, discuss her favourite topics, and make her suggestions to you.

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Yes, a Czech woman might have her own ideas, from going to the zoo to getting wild in the nearest motel. You won’t even notice how this genius of female diplomacy leads you there.

Russian women are a bit different: they like to discuss provocative topics such as politics, science, and of course sex. They can be quite straightforward in all these matters.

They always expect a lot of old-fashioned courtship and at the same time, have no problem with getting intimate on the first date. That is a controversial, enigmatic Russian nature!

If a Russian girl is waiting for something before getting intimate and you don’t know what it is, just ask her gently how else you could conquer her heart. They like mutual frankness.  

Just remember not to present two flowers, four flowers, or any other even number. Present one rose, and it will be the best. If you want to present many, pack them in a cute decorated basket.

Do not lose the track of their wishes and remain nice to them. Women of both nationalities prefer a man to lead and show the right direction. So do not lose confidence.

But even if it happens, both Czech and Russian women are supportive and strong enough to take initiative. They should just know you keep liking them, and their efforts aren’t in vain.


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How to get a much younger girl in Russia or Czech Republic?

Lots of men are happy and relieved to chose a younger girl for marriage or hookup in the Czech Republic. Since it happens on each corner there, you wouldn’t feel odd.

It's known that only a minority of men are interested in same-age women. It’s human nature to want a younger partner. So this scenario is completely possible in Prague.

In Russia, there are double standards about that. There are so many happy couples with a big age difference there, yet it is considered a privilege for wealthy people and celebrities.

If you wonder where to meet a much younger girl in Russia, you should know the answer depends on your search purposes. For dating in Russia, chose Moscow, that’s for sure.

In other cities, even big ones, people around might be mocking your couple and consider your girlfriend a shallow Bimbo who is silly and spoiled enough to seek a foreign sponsor but not a husband.

So, if you search for a young Russian girl to take her with you, to your country or to another trip, you can meet her in any town or countryside of Russia. She’ll be glad to get away too.

Girls’ parents in Russia usually aren’t very protective. As far as foreigners observe, they allow their daughters to date older men, men of another faith, or widowers with many children.

It’s because some Russian parents are ignorant and alcohol-dependant, others are atheist and open-minded about things, and some of the girls simply do not have a mom or dad.

As to Czech Republic, there are no limitations from the parents’ side either. Some individuals may have bigger demands but it has nothing to do with national mentality.

The age of consent is officially lower in Czech Republic, but in fact, Russian girls are often too misfortunate at their early age already, so they don’t mind to improve their days and mood in any way.

As a summary, dating in both countries is simple and fruitful, without big expenses or wasted nerves. Both countries are very popular, and lots of success stories take place there.